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Once thought to be a luxury purchase, now that couples are choosing more unique venues, a wedding planner is becoming more and more necessary.  But when starting your planning journey, you might not have any idea why you would need a planner.  After all, you most likely haven’t done this before.  And you know that you need the basics, catering, a DJ, photographer, and florist.  But what can a wedding planner bring to the table?  Each planner has their own style and way of doing things, so for each this list may be different.  But today I’m going to get into my reasons why I think having a planner is a great investment, and what I specifically bring to each wedding and couple I work with. 

 1.  We bring the calm  – think of me as your stress sponge.  

My goal is to try to limit the stress and anxiety you may feel in any way possible. Now I can’t promise there won’t be any stress – that is virtually impossible when planning an event for 100 of your closest family and friends that has so much meaning and emotion behind it- but I can drastically limit it.  I keep us organized and on schedule, but am also always there to vent to when you are feeling overwhelmed.  Or sometimes it is just nice to have another person to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. 

2.    You’ve never done this before!  

Or maybe you have, but you would like it to be a smoother process.  I know a lot of my couples come to me after starting the vendor selection process, and realize there are just so many choices out there! In CT alone, there are easily 600 different wedding photographers to choose from, and that is just the number I got off WeddingWire.  So how do you find who will work for you?  A wedding planner can drastically narrow down the field by only presenting you with choices that meet your specific style and budget.  We also usually only recommend vendors that we have either done business with, or have seen their work first hand.  That way we know you are not only getting a vendor that is a perfect match stylistically, we know they are reliable too. 

3.    We help coordinate the entire day 

Gone are the days where everyone has their wedding in a banquet hall or country club (not that these aren’t beautiful options!).  More and more couples are choosing to have weddings at home, at a barn, a park, or at another offbeat venue.  While these venues are amazing, most do not come with a day of coordinator. That means there is no one to check in the vendors as they arrive, tell the baker where the cake needs to go, or keep you on a timeline.  In these scenarios, the photographers often end up being the keepers of the timeline, which takes away time that they could just be focused on photographing you and your love.  When you hire us for your coordinating, we take care of all these little details- from the first vendor arriving to the timing of your sendoff and the last vase being packed up.   

4.    We are there for YOU every step of the way. 

A lot of times there is this perception that if you do happen to have a coordinator at the venue, you don’t need a planner.  However, there is a big difference in a venue coordinator and the planner you hire. That difference is that we are totally there to support YOU.  The venue coordinator will focus on making sure everything runs smoothly at the venue- setup is done properly, the timeline is followed, food gets out in time, and everything is broken down and packed up at the end of the night. However, they won’t drive to the Airbnb when the groomsmen forget all of their boutonnières there before the ceremony (this has happened).   They won’t drive to the local liquor store if the bartender runs out of rum, or have an emergency kit you can use if your dress rips or a bridesmaid has a stomachache.  Think of us as your right-hand man, partner in crime, or personal assistant – basically that person you can turn to at any moment to make sure your day is one to remember. 

5.     We can save you money. 

Most often, couples might be hesitant to hire a wedding planner because they are afraid it isn’t within their budget.  But often, a planner can help you save money.  We can recommend vendors that fit within your style and budget, suggest where to splurge vs where to save, and provide resources for buying décor items at a discount.  Often, we can also offer discounts with vendors or companies that we have partnered with.  If full planning just seems out of the question, most planners also offer partial or month of coordinating options, so you can get the help you need.  

There are so many reasons and benefits to hiring a planner, and each planner will have her own special take on what we do.  But if you are still not convinced, or if you find yourself thinking “hey, this might actually be a good idea,” reach out and we can talk through how a planner can specifically benefit your wedding!   

Xo Jenn


5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

As a Connecticut wedding planner, Jennifer specializes in home tented events, as well as weddings at historic venues,
wineries, and by the shore, serving clients all over New England.


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