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Once thought to be a luxury purchase, now that couples are choosing more unique venues, a wedding planner is becoming more and more necessary.  But when starting your planning journey, you might not have any idea why you would need a planner.  After all, you most likely haven’t done this before.  And you know that you need the basics, catering, a DJ, photographer, and florist.  But what can a wedding planner bring to the table?  Each planner has their own style and way of doing things, so for each this list may be different.  But today I’m going to get into my reasons why I think having a planner is a great investment, and what I specifically bring to each wedding and couple I work with. 


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We are a Connecticut based event planning and design company, serving New England, NY, and beyond. Our couples fully enjoy their engagement period while we provide a planning process totally customized to them. On the day of their wedding, they and their guests are transported by the design and details, in a night that feels timeless and uniquely them. 


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